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A Movie About Blink182?!

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A Movie About Blink182?!


According to ads on Craigslist (which can be found here or here) and Exploretalent.com (click here), there is an open casting call for those to play Tom DeLonge, Mark Hoppus, and Travis Barker -better known as Blink 182 – in a movie based on the band’s beginning years. The ads also call upon actors/actresses to portray the people that were involved in Blink’s world, including their wives, manager, and even their OLD drummer Scott Raynor.

Taken from Craigslist-

The title of the film is “Blink” it will mostly be about the beginning years of Blink with some Blink-182 stuff thrown in there.

The first part of the film will be thru the eyes of Tom. and later be seen threw all three band members. [notice how they spelled "thru" and "threw" instead of "through."]

Main Characters:

Thomas Matthew Delonge (Tom): 15-17, Caucasian, Tom has a prankster personality with a “get-go” attitude and a bit of a sensitive/random side.

Mark Allan Hoppus (Mark): 17-20, Caucasian, Mark has a laid back personality with a “class-clown” attitude and random.

Scott William Raynor (Scott): 14-17, Caucasian, Scott has a loner personality with a “nice guy” attitude and pretty shy.

Travis Landon Barker (Travis): 19-23, Caucasian, Travis has a bit of a “shy guy” personality but he’s not afraid to try anything.

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