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Review: Law Abiding Citizen

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Review: Law Abiding Citizen

law abiding citizenGerard Butler has returned to his role as a bad ass mamma-jamma.  Butler throws away the girly-man persona that he had in The Ugly Truth, and returns to a god-like murdering machine.  I think anyone who watches this movie will agree; do not f**k with this man’s family.  A trained genius with only one thing in mind, vengeance against the system and all those involved.  Butler was reminiscent of Einstein spliced with the old-fashioned Arnold from Terminator.

Now for the bad news: Jamie Foxx is in the movie as well.  The man is a great dramatic actor (Ray, Collateral) but his acting in this film was predictable as a children’s book.  A smug lawyer just trying to protect his “stats” does what all self-centered, egotistical public figures would do: slither out a “victory” (if the common conception of “victory” involves robbing a man of moral justice, then sure do the victory dance).  What he does not know is that Butler is going to kick the dog snot out of him on the screen and in the box office.

Now Jamie Foxx aside, this movie was intense.  Butler does a sensational job of portraying an inspired methodical genius.  For anyone who enjoyed Gamer, this movie is a must see.

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