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New Vans Releases!

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New Vans Releases!

Vans, the apparel company mainly known for their iconic slip-ons, has been rocking since the 1970’s and still going strong to this day as they produce more and more styles that can be found on today’s youth, as well as on the feet of major skateboarders, surfers and snowboarders.


As the holidays are almost upon us, Vans has released two new shoe designs for their Californication Collection Holiday 2009.


The Vans Switchback is the classic Vans sneaker that incorporates a boot like look while including hiking boot like laces.


The Vans Suede Chukka Boots are an already huge hit on the market but now for sale in two epic new colors yes still making sure to have the contrasting midsoles and shoe color laces.


Both of these shoes are for sale through select Vans retails stores along with the rest of the Californication Collection.

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